Our Diamonds

The Dreaming of Diamonds 'search tool' allows you to choose your diamonds from the world's finest stones, according to your own personal taste and budget. Dreaming of Diamonds has more than 200,000 GIA certified diamonds previously selected with strict quality criteria and personally inspected by a diamond specialist.



Dreaming of Diamonds includes an easy-to-read Education Guideline and Search Tool which provides you with all you need to find your perfect diamond, and we are confident you will not find the same quality for the price. We strongly encourage you to contact us for one-to-one assistance in your purchase by e-mail or phone, as we will be glad to guide you through the process of choosing your stone.

Selected for their exceptional qualities, our diamonds are 100% GIA certified, the independent diamond grading lab with the most stringent grading scales in the world. Our experts will inspect every stone to make sure that all diamonds meet our minimum criteria. To maintain our high quality standards, we exclude diamonds with I clarity, fair and poor cut grade diamonds, light brown and milky stones, as well as very strong florescence diamonds ( See Education-Diamonds). Due to Dreaming of Diamonds' minimum quality criteria, we are confident to say that we offer the largest collection of the world's finest diamonds, and that ensures our clients that whatever diamond they choose, it will be a wonderful choice.

Your jewelry or certified diamond will be delivered to you, shipped free of charge, by USPS.
Reliable delivery, insured door-to-door. Your purchase will be sent to you in sealed packaging, to assure you that no violation can take place during delivery.
In addition, Dreaming of Diamonds implements a 30 Days Refund Policy, which guarantees you are making the right choice and gives you time to consider your purchase.

Our diamonds are from selected mines, which are committed to the highest business, social and environmental standards. Our concern goes far beyond the conflict free policy. Dreaming of Diamonds has a 'give back policy', assisting sustainable development of the communities and countries from where the diamond was sourced.

All Dreaming of Diamond's stock are GIA certified diamonds. In accordance with the GIA certification process, all diamonds below one carat in size, have a unique laser inscription which is invisible to the naked eye etched into the girdle of a diamond for identification purposes. Diamonds above one carat in size, do not always have a laser inscription.

JEWELRY - “tailor made” for you
We are a deluxe Italian jewelry brand using only the finest materials and craftsmanship with world class quality standards. Our quality jewelry is made from platinum or 18 karat gold, rather than 14 karat gold which is often used in lower quality items. Unlike mass produced jewelry which uses standard dimensions, our pieces are like a work of art, meticulously crafted in Italy, just like Italian couture clothing, with each part of the ring tailor made. This ensures that each ring is crafted to fit the exact diamond that has been selected and is created to be a perfect fit for the wearer’s finger size. Our Create your Own tool enables you to choose from over 1700 classic Italian designs making it easy for you to create the diamond piece of your dreams.

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