Diamond Investment

There is no limit for diamond prices; a diamond is a stable product, because it is rare and unique and there is no substitute for it. Diamonds have been treasured since ancient times, by many investors coveted as an investment or store of value.

The uptrend in prices should continue as world production tends to decline and prospects in finding new mines are slim. There is also a growth perspective in the middle class in emerging nations, which will probably push for a higher diamond demand. Isn’t it obvious there is a potential of price increase in the long term? For the past 10 years some diamonds generated a 100% increase in price.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and one of the only luxury products that do not depreciate over time and use. If we buy a luxury brand handbag, it will be worth half the price we paid for the new one, just a few days later.

In addition to that, in times of hyperinflation or financial uncertainty, diamonds are especially attractive, when credibility in the financial system is the main concern of investors. It is safer to hold a diamond than certain shares or bonds of companies which can go bankrupt or on default in a few months. Not to mention the fact that a diamond can be easily transported and used by your wife until the moment you decide to sell it.

Rounds 0.90-0.99 ct Performance Avg. +5,08% per year

What guarantees do we provide for diamonds sold to our customers?

First of all, we guarantee that our diamonds are conflict free and that they comply with the best practices and principles of a Diamond Trading Company (including high standards for quality of life and no use of child labor).
Regarding quality, we specialize in certified diamonds. We sell goods certified by the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America. The price you pay is guaranteed devoid of speculation, since we have an automatic pricing system that considers all the parameters of a certain stone, including the laboratory, manufacture, polish, symmetry, florescence, color and clarity upgrade, as well as color and clarity downgrade.

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