Member of the World Federation Diamond Bourses

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses was set up to protect the interests of affiliated bourses and their individual members, and to further the amicable settlement or arbitration of differences and disputes between the individual members of the affiliated bourses. Following this mission, the aim of the world federation is to participate in the promotion of world trade and encourage the establishment of bourses, with the view of eventual affiliation of all centres where diamonds are actively traded.

Members of the bourses affiliated to the World Federation of Diamond Bourses pledge themselves to uphold the traditions, principles of mutual trust, consideration and friendship which prevail among the members of the bourses world-wide. They pledge themselves to abide by and hand down these principles and to ensure that they will forever serve as a basis in business relations between members of the affiliated bourses world-wide. For more information, please refer to the official WFDB website.

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