Famous Diamonds

The famous saying about diamond is that “Diamonds are forever” because a diamond symbolizes eternal love, purity and strength. Diamonds were formed at least 990 million years ago, although some are estimated to be as many as 4.25 billion years old. A diamond is known by its 4 C’s. There are four different characteristics- the Carat, Color, Cut and Clarity. A number of large or extraordinary diamonds have gained fame, both as exquisite examples of the beautiful nature of diamonds, and because of the famous people who wore, bought, and sold them. A list of most famous diamonds in history follows.
The origin of the diamond is unclear, although rumors abound. According to some sources, the Koh-i-noor was originally found more than 5000 years ago. Some mythological beliefs held about it are that the diamond was from the Sun God to his avatar which produces 1000 kg of gold daily. Krishna got the blame of stealing the diamond from the avatar’s brother who was killed by a lion. Krishna, to restore his reputation, fought a fierce battle with Jāmbavān and gave the stone back to the avatar. Now being ashamed of himself he offered his daughter’s hand to Krishna along with the stone. Krishna accepted his daughter hand but refused to take the stone.

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